Pedro Poyatos was born in 1978 in Granada, Spain. After living several periods in different cities in Spain his family finally settled in Malaga, a port city by the sea.

From a very early age, his favourite toy, was a pencil which he constantly painted with, on any piece of paper, any book, table or even a wall. This obsession was immediatelydetected by his parents and being very young, Pedro studied painting with  several masters, before he entered in the Alonso Cano University of Fine Arts in Granada, where he finally graduated in painting.

In 1999, he founded the artistic movement “Dynamic Geometrism” with some university fellows. He left soon that movement to investigate what he calls “Geometric Holism”.

He has worked in different fields, like design, advertising, and illustration. His drawings and paintings have been used in advertising campaigns, record covers, clothes designs, etc. He has also worked in interior decoration projects and mural paintings.

His versatility turns his painting into an amazing compendium of combined styles, being very difficult to categorize him.

The result is an eclectic painting with an own universe: very personal and easily recognizable, half-way between the abstract and the figurative, between the form and the content, between the deepness and two-dimensionality, between reality and dream.

At the moment, he lives and works in Malaga, where he has his studio. He illustrates, designs, and most of all he paints.

His grandmother regards him as a genius.